Monday, April 10, 2017

Back to the Mountain - McMinnville, Tennessee

Hello everyone,

This week we got to go on exchanges with the zone leaders up in Altamont. It was quite a fun experience. Elder Watt and I enjoyed getting to work together again. We had no set appointments so we spent the whole day finding. We got to see all sorts of different scenery and meet tons of cool people. There is a whole road way back on a mountain path that is full of a whole family of Japanese people. They just have houses all over the land and each of them take care of a different part of the farm. I wish I had pictures but it was too dark then. They had a series of lakes and dams in terraces and each house was on a different terrace. (I like the word terrace.) they had beautiful gardens of flowers and amazing towers of rocks all stacked by hand. It is absolutely something I never expected to find up in Altamont.



We also had a dog follow us tracting to several houses.

Also that old church has a cool bell

We have a rule as missionaries that we have to work out for 30 minutes every morning. Honestly this is probably the most difficult rule for me. However it can be nice if you make it fun..

I suppose running a mile to a waterfall counts as a good enough work out

Rocking the shorts and dress shoes!

Anyway I hope you all have a great week! 

Elder Basham

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