Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas! - Green Hills, Tennessee

Hello people!

Merry after Christmas! Happy belated Boxing Day! We are playing monopoly right now and it is fantastic. I forgot how much I love this game. However I lost so that is kind of a sad pain. However now writing emails is so much easier.

I saw these great Christmas lights on Christmas Eve. There are two houses here. I think the one to the right won.

I have so much candy and dessert I may just die of it. Everything is so delicious but I literally cannot eat another bite... Except maybe one truffle more.

The weather here has been weird. It is so warm suddenly that all of the trees are blooming flowers. All of this warm air is messing things up though so we have rain all over the place and there was a tornado on Wednesday. We had to stay in our apartment during the tornado so it was weird. We had so much time not working this week which is kinda annoying but also kinda fun. I really cannot decide if I like relaxing or not. And now we get New Year's Eve and day off as well so it is going to be an odd week. Hopefully real missionary work will resume as normal next week.

Christmas was super fun thank you everyone for the awesome presents. I have thoroughly enjoyed them. 

Elder Tolman's family sent him a bunch of Star Wars toys and he loved being a nerd.

Anyway. I hear that everyone and their cat has seen our YouTube debut. That was a really weird experience. To be honest I really kinda hate that video but apparently everyone likes it so you're welcome. Enjoy listening to me :P

Recently I have found a great love for this song:

Israel, Israel, God is speaking.
Hear your great Deliv’rer’s voice!
Now a glorious morn is breaking
For the people of his choice.
Come to Zion, come to Zion,
And within her walls rejoice.
Come to Zion, come to Zion
And within her walls rejoice.

Every time I sing it I can't help but be filled with joy. What could be more glorious than to know that God is speaking. He calls to the world with prophets and personal revelation. You can hear your deliverer's voice. And these are the glad tidings that we get to proclaim to the world. Such a calling is just amazing. As hard as everything is, I would definitely not trade this for anything in the world. I know that this is the Lord's work and I love being part of it. 

I love you all! Have a fantastic week and ttfn. Ta ta for now!

- Elder Basham 

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