Monday, February 22, 2016

Stake Relief Society President - Green Hills, Tennessee

Hello everyone,

Once upon a time, my junior year, I went to a party. Previous to my arrival, there were only about 11 girls at the party. Once I got there, the comment was made: "look we have a boy, this is a real party now!" That was quite funny and we all laughed. Then it was the standing joke for a while and I was the only guy who showed up to parties except that one time when Hannah's cousin came to the mall with us, which was quite fun. Eventually, Nick joined us and then there were two guys at parties. Good memories.

Anyway, the reason I bring this story up now, is that this same story seems to have happened to me again. I'm pretty sure that district meeting is not exactly a party, but it's close enough. Transfers are this week, and they have reorganized the district again, adding two more sisters. I am now the district leader of seven sisters. Elder Brown made the comment that I am more like a stake relief society president than a district leader. I have no response to that. Anyway this will all be exciting. I'm really quite happy with it actually. It feels just like home and sisters give better trainings anyway.

Speaking of training (though in a different sense of the word) I have been selected to train a new missionary this transfer. Elder Brown is going home to California after two very long years. On Tuesday I will be saying goodbye to him and meeting a fresh new missionary straight out of Provo. I am quite excited and nervous. I really wonder what he will be like. He could be like me and immediately begin doing everything and acting like he is the trainer and not the trainee, or he could be completely scared to talk to anyone. Either way, I will definitely have to work on my humility and patience. I really hope that I can be a good enough leader for him and the district.

So there is a member of our ward who owns and "escape experience." It is exactly like one of the adventure, puzzle video games, only it is in real life. You have to find all of he clues and pieces to progress through the environment and escape. This one is prison themed. We had to break out of our cell and into a guard room and then hack the computer to get through a magnetic door. It was awesome. The zone leaders and us went together. They handcuffed us all in a chain and locked us in the room. We just barely finished with three minutes to spare. It was by far one of the coolest experiences ever. I cannot wait to go back and try the other puzzles. There is a zombie apocalypse themed one. Here are some funny pictures:

Handcuffed Book Club
How many missionaries does it take to screw in a light bulb?

So unfortunately I do not have enough time to write a big spiritual thought this week. I decided to devote more time to emailing my direct family. So we'll make that the spiritual thought. Families are essential. They are the most important unit in time and eternity. I know that all of the commandments God has given us are meant to strengthen and protect the divinity of families. The atonement of Jesus Christ was given to provide the way for our families to live together in pure love and righteousness.

I hope you all have a fantastic week! Love you all
Elder Basham

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