Monday, April 4, 2016

Sleep... - Green Hills, Tennessee

Hello everyone,

Wasn't conference just awesome! I could probably write for 5 days about conference so I'm just not even going to start. Go learn your own things :)

So this last week was super eventful. Elder Torres and I have a new apartment. There are positive and negative sides to this but it's mostly good in the end. Anyway, we were supposed to move into this apartment this coming weekend with the help of our ward. However, to our surprise, we received a call Wednesday night informing us that there had been a change of plans and we had to move no later than Saturday but no earlier than Friday. So that gave us Friday evening and Saturday morning before conference to get everything done. That was pretty much the craziest thing I have had to deal with. We frantically began packing everything Wednesday night and then spent most of Thursday doing the same. Then we remembered that packages had been sent to our address. That would have been fine if we would have stayed in the apartment till this weekend like we planned, but this completely messed that up. So we had to go to the post office, only to hear that it was the wrong post office and we had to go to another one. Meanwhile, Nashville has the worst roads and traffic handling of anywhere I have been. Even Tucson is better. Then we had to follow a lagging gps through this traffic to a goodwill which was not a goodwill then to a real goodwill which had no parking and then back home for lunch by 3. I don't like traffic at all. Around this time I was almost too stressed to live. I was shaking the whole time I was trying to eat lunch. Of course I wasn't going to admit that.

The most annoying part of the whole thing to me was that we had to spend our proselyting time packing boxes and cleaning instead of teaching people. Now that all of that work was done, I was looking forward to finally going out and teaching people. I was so ready for that, or at least I thought so. Fortunately Elder Torres was smarter than me. He saw how close I was to falling apart much better than I could. He watched carefully and noticed what I was unwilling to admit for myself. In an amazing act of love and care for me, he spent his lunch praying for me and my wellbeing - seeking what was to be done. God was kind enough to answer those prayers with the inspiration that I needed a break. I wanted absolutely nothing to do with a break, but he was persistent and kind. I eventually realized that he was right and I was very much in need of a de-stress. So I asked for a priesthood blessing. I was very grateful for that comfort and counsel. This only reaffirmed the fact that God actually wanted me to calm down and take the time to connect with him spiritually and feel his love again.

So reluctantly I took a break. I just spent an hour praying and then took a long long nap. It ended up being a really great and well needed experience. It's funny how reluctant I was to do so. I would have much more readily walked to Nineveh than sat down to take a break. It took a large amount of humility to accept God's will for me and follow it. But in the end I am very glad I did. I am even more glad for a loving companion who cared enough to pray for me and to stop me. And to have a worthy priesthood holder who could help me is such a great blessing. I am grateful that God sent him into my life and gave us all the blessing of the priesthood to guide us.

Anyway I hope you all have an amazing week. I love you all,
Elder Basham

P.S. This awesome rainbow happened. It was raining while the sun was shining. Very weird but very pretty.

PPS. Our move went really well in the end and I love the new apartment. It is so clean and organized.


I found this poster in a restaurant. This literally describes my brain almost perfectly. I especially feel ruled by rules 1,3,8,11,12,14,17, and 19. This definitely goes to explain why I was freaking out so much about having take a break. Anyway, this really made me laugh a lot and it was a fun time to reflect on myself. 

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