Monday, April 11, 2016

When you write a whole email and then it deletes itself - Green Hills, Tennessee

Hello everyone!

It would appear that mail and email and pretty much every other form of communication hates me right now. And add cars and laundry machines to that list. So you may find that this email is kind of short and to the point. I am sorry about that in advance.

There is a really cool statue at the children's hospital where you can play ring around the rosie with the children. I'm not sure Elder Torres quite gets the game.
Herding Cats

Anyway the cool part is on the girl's hand:

Toma Mi Mano!

I thought that was a very fun thing the sculptor did. I imagine they enjoyed putting that in there. Anyway the children's hospital is really cool. It even has a model train room!

So transfers are this Tuesday. Finally, after six whole months in my first area, I will now be ... Staying another transfer. Yep that is right. Maybe I will never leave. Elder Lansberry and Sister Johnson will be leaving this transfer so I am now the very last one from my original district. In fact, with Sister Mayer's departure, I am the only one remaining from my second district. I have been left here the longest. If this keeps up, I will have attended Green Hills more than Catalina Ward. Anyway here is our district from this transfer. About half of them are going away.

On Wednesdays we Wear Birds

Every picture I have had with Elder Lansberry involves him either picking me up or jumping on me. It is like Nick all over again. As much as I miss him, I won't miss that part too much. 
Anyway a hilarious thing happened the other night. I was debating with myself about what to cook for dinner when I saw a can of peaches. I jokingly mentioned out loud that I could make a cobbler. From the other room I hear Elder Torres call out "did you say peach cobbler?" Before I could respond he rushes in - the fastest I have ever seen this guy move - and just starts doing all the dishes. He hands me the baking pan and the other things I need for the cobbler. I was laughing quite hard. I took that as a sign that he did indeed want a cobbler. Apparently my peach desserts are something to be excited about.

On Saturday we met a five year old girl on the bus. She was going with her family to the cherry blossom festival, which - as she informed us - has no cherries nor cherry trees. She really loved to talk. We learned that Darth Vader and Batman are her favorite and her favorite toys were a laser gun and a lightsaber. (Her mother was laughing through most of this.) She also showed us that under her Darth Vader jacket she had a ninja turtles t-shirt and that Leonardo is the best ninja turtle. She told us many other things as well and I had an absolutely great time listening to her. Little kids say the most hilarious things. I thought a lot about Abby and Sophie.

After visiting all of our appointments, we had to wait 40 minutes for a bus, so we decided to try contacting at the cherry blossom festival. We quickly learned that the little girl was correct. There was nothing to do with cherries. It was a Japanese culture festival. That was pretty cool except it seemed that there were two kinds of people at the festival and they couldn't agree over what exactly it was about. Many people were there to celebrate traditional Japanese art and living, the history, and the food. Then the other group thought that it was Comic Con. There were tons of crazy anime cosplays and video game booths and all sorts of shenanigans. I saw a pretty great Sephiroth costume from FF XII but there were no kingdom hearts characters. Anyway, it turns out neither group of people was interested in us or family history nor Book of Mormon. However on the bus ride back home we found the little girl again. She now had a fabulously sparkling batman mask face paint and a balloon sword.

So yea, there is your random story for the week... So much for short and to the point :P

Anyway I hope you all have a fantastic week!
Elder Basham

P.S. On a whim, I decided to add titles to all of the pictures. I'm pretty sure some of them will only be funny to me but you may be able to figure a few of them out. 

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