Monday, July 25, 2016

Actually not that tired / President Stone - Clarksville, Tennessee

This was an amazing week. The investigator who came to church last week came again. We were able to teach him in a member's home again! We taught him about repentance and he really got it. The member shared a great testimony of the principle and the spirit was there. He really felt that we loved him and are inviting him to do something that will make him happy. The lesson we had in church this week was on eternal marriage and that was exactly what he needed to hear. He now knows what he needs to do to get closer to the lord and his family. He loves the Ward and is enjoying getting to know them all.

We got to go to Kentucky on exchanges again. If anyone is wondering what Kentucky is like, this picture pretty much sums it up. There are tiny weird towns like this surrounded by miles of corn. This is Elder Cox and he has only been out two months. We had a fantastic time together.

Elder Cox
We had our first zone conference with President Stone. He is absolutely excited about his campaign to simplify our lives and cut out nonsense. One of my favorite examples is that we get to go to bed on time. Yup! It's crazy right. We actually are allowed to sleep. Previously, zone leaders had to make all sorts of phone calls and fill out paperwork at night time instead of going to bed. Do you want to hear the funny part. Two years ago, when they came out with missionary iPads, they created a system in the iPad that would do all of the paperwork and reporting for us. For some weird reason, we just never used it. Now it is amazing. We got to bed at 10:10 last night and I feel amazing. For the first time in ever I actually feel rested and awake!

I want to share with you something special that I learned. If you were to ask me what is my biggest goal in life, I would tell you that it is to be a father and the leader of an eternal family. This is something that has pushed and motivated me throughout my life. I know that the lord will teach me how and help me achieve that. It is one of the largest reasons I decided to go on a mission. I am a very firm believer that a mission is meant to prepare you for marriage and family. This has been proven true again and again in so many small miracles and simple truths learned throughout my mission. I can clearly see that He is teaching me and I am very grateful for that knowledge.

I have learned over the past few weeks that there is yet an even greater goal. The reason family life is so joyful and fulfilling is that it helps one become a more devoted disciple of Jesus Christ. It is the purest way to learn true love and genuine selflessness. Through it we learn to care about others above ourselves and what it truly means to sacrifice for someone else. All of these things help us become more like Jesus Christ. The purpose of marriage and family is to prepare us to live with God. This is the very same purpose of a mission. Here in the mission field, we are learning those same lessons. We make sacrifices to help others, even when many don't recognize or want it. We strive to work in unity with those around us and find Christlike love for each of them. The whole point of missions, temple work, and families is to help us get closer to our Father in Heaven and His Son.  The greatest joy in life and the highest goal is to become a true disciple of our savior Jesus Christ. I don't have to wait till marriage to become that. I can learn it right now as I strive each day to fulfill my calling and use the Atonement.

I hope you all have an amazing week! I love you
Elder Basham 

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