Monday, July 18, 2016

So Tired - Clarksville, Tennessee

Hello everyone,

This was a really fun week! We had an awesome leadership conference with our new mission president. I really like him. It is clear to see that he is the right president for right now. It is really cool to see how everything keeps moving forward. Nothing is better or worse than it was with president Andersen, it's just different. The new perspective builds on everything president Andersen set up and pushes us along at an ever increasing speed. Think of how unique it is that the lord changes the leaders of his church every few years. Even though the people change, the wards and missions still move forward because the triple leader is still Jesus Christ. It was a cool conference because we mostly just counseled and spoke together about many things in the mission and what we want to change and what we can leave behind. President stone is really focused on simplifying our efforts so they are focused on the work. He wants to cut out all the extra stuff we are doing out of tradition that doesn't really have much to do with missionary work.  Anyway, here is a picture. 

Mission Leadership Conference

Here is a cute puppy.

Anyway, this week I have just been so tired. The number of times I have fallen asleep on my scriptures is annoying, not to mention all the times I nodded off in the car. Many times in my life before I have thought, "this is the most tired I have ever been." However, it seems that I always find a way to be more tired than that later on down the road. The whole situation is especially weird considering that I m getting more sleep now than I ever have in my entire life. Somehow, it was easier to get three to five hours of sleep each day than it is to get a full eight hours. Despite having gone to bed on time each day this week, I was just completely exhausted yesterday. I finally fully understand the phrase "too tired to think" when I could not even remember the words to my favorite hymn. All of this reminds me of The District 2 where every one of Elder Morano's v-log's is just him complaining about being tired so they make a montage of him just saying how tired he is. My favorite line is "I honestly don't understand why I'm so happy all the time. It kind of weird me out, because I am just so tired." That is exactly how I feel. 

Anyway had the fun opportunity to speak in sacrament meeting yesterday. This was the second time on my mission; the first being only three weeks ago. I find it funny that after 8 months in green hills, I was never asked to speak. However I've been asked every month in Clarksville. I was asked to speak on conversion and it ended up being pretty awesome. Unfortunately, I did not write it down or any such thing. So here is a list of some scriptures that I felt were important to the subject of conversion. Here is the question for you. Why would I start with a discussion on the fall of Adam to speak about conversion? 

Alma 42:10
Mosiah 3:19
Mosiah 27:24-26
Mosiah 5:2, 7-8

Anyway, I hope you have a fantastic week, I love you all!

Elder Basham

PS. I have noticed that if one were to read my emails or my journal out loud, it is not very smooth at all. The sentence structure is so repetitive and blocky. It is like you run into a brick wall at the end of every. Single. Sentence. Furthermore, I use the word "anyway" for all of my transitions and "however" is in way too frequent use. It was boring and annoying even to myself. I feel like I am disappointing so many years of English teachers here. I apologize for the inconvenience and welcome any suggestions.

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