Monday, September 26, 2016

- Clarksville, Tennessee

Hello everyone!

Do you know what these pictures are? They are the photos we take at the end of each transfer with our district. Yes once again six weeks have come and gone bringing us to the suspenseful moment of finding out where we will all be going. This is especially stressful as a zone leader because everyone starts calling and texting you all week trying to find out early. The truth is, we don't find out any earlier than everyone else; so our phone is blowing up for no reason. However, I have no need to worry about that any longer, for as of tomorrow I will no longer be a zone leader. Instead I will be going back to being a district leader - once again with three pairs of sisters and no other Elders in the district. I really wonder what God's plan for me is; at least it is consistent though.
I will be going to Lewisburg which is a tiny town on the other side of Nashville near the Appalachian foothills. I am pretty excited to go. After all the fun I have had in the small towns, it will be awesome to actually stay in one. My companion will be Elder Thompson. He has been out for six weeks so he is still in training. I get to pick up right where I left off training Elder Carlson. He sent me a selfie today and I can already tell I am really going to love him.

Elder Thompson in Lewisburg

Side note: the answer to last week's bonus question is Ether 6:11 "And thus they were driven forth, three hundred and forty and four days upon the water." Last week, I had been out 344 days. Nick was the closest to finding the answer, although he was the only one who guessed. You all need to step up the game on the bonus questions. Nobody even answered the one about "under the name of sanders." The answer to that one was an allusion to Winnie the Pooh who has a sign reading "sanders" above his front door. Maybe I will have to make some really big prize for getting the right answer next time.

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