Monday, October 3, 2016

- Lewisburg, Tennessee

Hello everyone!
Do you know starts with a T and rhymes with four-wheel drive? If you guessed Toyota Tacoma then you probably have no idea how to rhyme, but you would be correct. Yes, I drive a truck now. I never thought I would ever be that cool. I thought life was best with a Kia Soul, but this thing is definitely awesome. We also have a house. This is very different from my mission experience so far, but I am not going to complain.

Toyota Truck and our Lewisburg house

Yes Lewisburg is an awesome place! I am super excited because Saturday we get to go to a goat festival the town is having. Trucks and goats! Adelia would love it here! Here is a picture of us driving back through the woods at night to go visit a member. It was very awesome, though I have never had to use my brights so often before in my life.

Driving through the woods with the brights on.

Wasn't General Conference just amazing! I really loved all of the talks. It is cool how often it felt like they were written just for me. God truly works in wondrous ways. I especially loved President Eyring talking about gratitude and Elder Rasband telling us to remember our blessings, testimonies, andexperiences to find strength now. I have decided to combine these two lessons together and start writing things I am grateful for in my journal each night and recording the miracles I see and feel. It is amazing the difference it made in my attitude after just one night.

I hope you all have a fantastic week. Love you
Elder basham

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