Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween - Lewisburg, Tennessee

Hello Everyone!

Today has been an interesting day. We actually went out working this morning since we will be stuck inside all night. We had a pretty fantastic lesson reading the Book of Mormon with our investigator. We read the story of Lehi's dream and she loved how much it reminded her of her own life. I love reading the Book of Mormon with her because she does a wonderful job of likening them unto herself and really learning from the stories. She has such a strong testimony on the scriptures and I enjoy hearing how they have helped her so many times to find joy in life.

Afterwards, we helped the Spanish sisters move into a new apartment. Of course none of them had any idea how to assemble bed frames or pack boxes so that was an adventure. Now at last we are beginning our P-Day. After shopping we will go bowling and afterwards hand out candy to small children who knock on our door.

We had the very best Halloween costumes ever that we wore to the ward trunk or treat. Unfortunately I do not have the pictures yet. We are waiting for a member to email them to us so you will have to get them next week. Sorry to disappoint you but I promise it will be worth it when you get the pictures. Have a great week! Love you all!

Elder Basham

Well here are our costumes. We decided to all go as Disney characters together. Obviously the sisters did a little better than us, but it is very hard to find a costume that includes a white shirt and tie. I was trying to be Christopher Robin and thankfully most all of the members got that and thought it was cute. Elder Thompson was supposed to be Christoff from Frozen, but as you see that didn't quite work out. Anyway it was fun.
From left to right:
Sister Degraffenried - Aurora
Hermana Elliot - Jane, from Tarzan
Sister Wellisch -  Snow White
Hermana Hill - Belle

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