Monday, December 19, 2016

El regalo de lenguas - Lewisburg, Tennessee

Hello my wonderful friends and family!

This has been a fantastic week! Elder Senatore is really funny and we
have had a great time together. I have been learning Spanish for the
past six days and am absolutely astonished at how well it is going.
After two years of Spanish class in high school, I knew pretty much no
Spanish whatsoever. All I could manage to say was "¿tiene galletas?" I
suppose it is because I had actually no desire to learn Spanish. I was
just here because they told me I needed a language credit to apply for
college. So I would learn the vocabulary words long enough to take the
test and then forget everything. I feel bad for my teachers.

However, now that I actually have something I want to say and a real
desire to learn, it is amazing how much is coming. Heavenly Father
promises that if we really love His children and desire to help them,
he will give us all we need to do it. This last week has been the
busiest of my mission. We went trackting for several hours every day
with no set appointments. Normally this is a drag, but every single
street we knocked on we were let into three or more houses -- all
Spanish speaking. As I met each of these wonderful people and listened
to them, my desire for and understanding of the Spanish language grew
and grew. I now am able to introduce ourselves at the doorsteps, to
teach about Heavenly Father's love for us and our families, and to
teach about the Book of Mormon. My companion has been so helpful and I
have found a lot of strength from Heavenly Father.

He promised Enoch that no matter how weak or speechless he felt, if he
had the faith to open his mouth, God would fill it. Enoch's teaching
literally moved mountains! While I haven't done that yet, I know that a
large measure of my learning has come because I had the faith to open
my mouth even when I was scared.

Yo quiero a escribir mi testigo en español. Creo que dios es mi Padre
Celestial. Èl me ama y ama todos ustedes. Dios ha dado Su hijo,
Jesucristo para nuestro salvador. El Evangelio de Jesucristo es el
solo camino a Dios. Mediante el evangelio restaurado, mi familia ha
bendecido. Yo sé que el libro de Mormón es verdadero y José Smith es
una profeta de dios. El libro de Mormón bendice mi vida todas las días
que lo leo. Amo a Jesucristo. Este es Su Iglesia y Yo soy Su
misionero. En el nombre de Jesucristo. Amen.

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