Monday, December 5, 2016

Winter Wonderland / Old McDonald Had a Farm - Lewisburg, Tennessee

Hello Everyone!

So yesterday we did not have a P-Day because we were helping to set up for the nativity festival the McMinnville Stake does each year. It is so pretty. When it is done there will be hundreds of nativity scenes and paintings from all around the world. We helped for ten hours yesterday and it is still not nearly set up.

I thought decorating one Christmas tree was a lot of work...... oh my. I don't know if I can

ever fluff branches again. It reminded me a lot of the holiday choir concert where Sydney and I were assigned to decorate the tallest tree.  I couldn't reach the top with a ladder. Fortunately these were much smaller, though far more numerous. We had an absolute blast all day and it was definitely worth it. We have the best district ever.


We did some great service for brother McDonald this last week. He has 200 acres of awesome stuff. We picked our own turnips to eat and then saw this fantastic arch.

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