Monday, January 2, 2017

Hoops - Lewisburg, Tennessee

Well you will never believe what we spent this morning and afternoon doing. Since the church building is nearly an hour away from our house, we have had nowhere to play basketball. I was pretty okay with this and so was Elder Thompson. However this simply wouldn't do for Elder Senatore. So for the last few weeks he has paid to use the gym here in town. But Saturday night we had to stay in our apartment and he decided that he needed basketball right here. So today he bought a basketball hoop for our back yard. Supposedly it was going to take three hours to assemble. However, the rain and the fact that we did not have any of the tools we needed, made it take much longer. At last it is completed and he has been enjoying himself quite well. I am glad we will have something fun to do for exercise in the morning now.

To be honest I have actually quite enjoyed playing basketball. It isn't something I ever wanted to do before, but throughout my mission I have gained an appreciation for it. It is a lot more enjoyable mostly because it has been a great way to bond with and enjoy my companions. Nothing makes a mission better than being good friends with your companion. So I am going to go play some more ball. I hope you all have a wonderful New Year and find ways to build friendship and unity with all those you live with. 


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