Monday, January 30, 2017

Transfers! - Lewisburg, Tennessee

So we were totally blindsided here. You will never guess what is happening. We are both getting transferred away from Lewisburg and two sisters will be taking our place. Even more surprising is that Hermana Hill and Sister Nebeker will be those two sisters. Nobody ever saw that coming and yet it is happening. This transfer I had the privilege of helping President Stone with transfers. It was such a cool experience. I have heard so many stories about how missionaries are assigned by revelation through the twelve and how special that flows and feels. I have heard my mission presidents talk about what it feels like to assign trainers and just know exactly what the Lord wants done. However, feeling it for myself was something amazing. It really increased my testimony that God knows us all better than anyone, even ourselves. He truly has a plan for each of us and makes sure to place us where we need to be. As He revealed to me his will for this area and district I felt so much confidence and peace even though it was nothing i would ever have planned on my own. It was a big testimony that "9 For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts."

I will admit I am quite sad to be leaving Lewisburg. I did not think i would be, but as it has hit me i realized just how much i loved it here and how much i love the people. When i said goodbye to Gary, we were all feeling a little down. He really loves us and i have grown to love him. 

This is Gary. We asked him if he had ever taken a selfie before and he
asked what that is.  We are going to miss him.

Now that i am leaving I feel bad for all of the times I was impatient or annoyed with him. I can see now that I was focusing on the wrong things. This months first presidency message is about love. He talks about how we can get so caught up in different programs and commandments that we end up aiming at the wrong target and missing the whole point of the gospel which is love. I spent a lot of time worrying about healthy eating and efficient work and what is and isn't part of our purpose. I felt accomplished when i hit these goals. However i can see now my aim was off. I am grateful for all the times i concentrated on sincerely loving the people and serving them the way god wanted. I am looking forward to getting to meet and love so many new people in McMinnville.

I want to share something else with you. I have often wondered about my time in Clarksville as a zone leader. It was a difficult time for me and i didn't feel very successful or that i made any difference. The missionaries seemed to be annoyed with my teaching and guidance and I felt like there wasn't much i could do for them - since most of them did not want to learn. However, very much later i found out something i hadn't even known. My second week there i gave a zone training talking about joy. We read a lot from the scriptures and a lot of the missionaries participated and learned a lot. Many people thanked me and said it had helped them. But that isnt what i am so happy about. It turns out that Hermana Waite was really inspired by the way i loved, knew, and taught from the scriptures - applying them to real life. It made her want to learn them and love them more. Over the past months she has really stuck to that goal and has gained a huge understanding of and love for the scriptures. I am very grateful to hear that because i know that is something that can completely help her entire life and bless her family for generations. As I think about it, I am very sure that if that was the only impact i had in those 5 months, it was worth every single difficult day. However I know that there are many more things than that. There were so many small miracles. All I needed to do was open my eyes and be grateful for them. I wish i could go back to that time knowing what i know now. I would be a lot happier. But at least I am happier now and I am grateful for the past and what it has taught me. I know that the future holds many more amazing blessings and i can continue to find joy as I live in thanksgiving for them.

I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!
Elder Basham

This is Teresa. She is such a wonderful lady who really loves the Book of Mormon. 

I have been with the same sisters in the same district for five months.
Nobody got transferred until now. It has been so fun and everyone is super sad.
I will miss them, but I am glad to be going now.

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