Monday, March 13, 2017

- McMinnville, Tennessee

Hello everyone!

This has been a great week. Last Sunday, president Crawford bore his testimony about the atonement in sacrament meeting. He read from hymn 185 which we had sung before the ordinance. All of the testimonies had been about the atonement and people expressed a desire to understand it more. He gave us all a promise and an invitation. He asked us to always be reverent and meek and promised that we would understand the atonement more. I have learned so much this week from doing that.
Every day I have gained a much larger understanding of and love for the Doctrine of Christ as I have sincerely prayed. Since watching the face to face, I have decided to take as much time as I need to be pray and be quite at the beginning of the night and then getting ready for bed instead of praying last minute before I crawl in. My prayers and my mind have been expanded so much. More importantly I suppose my heart has been touched. I have begun to understand that being reverent and meek is an attitude in my heart and mind. It doesn't just mean being quiet during the sacrament on Sunday. I can also be reverent and meek when I am working out in the morning, talking with my companion
or playing games with missionaries on preparation day. I am still learning how to do that, but I am grateful for all the progress that has been made.

McMinnville is amazing. This area is really picking up. I am so grateful to be here to see it. We have a family getting baptized next Saturday. It will be so amazing. The father wants to be baptized in a
creek. There is a wonderful spot here where generations of members have been baptized while the church was still new here. After the spot was announced so many people have come up to us sharing their baptismal stories with us. It is definitely great to see the whole ward excited together about something.

Have a great week everyone
Elder Basham

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