Monday, May 16, 2016

Redundant Disneyland animatronic song regarding world cultures - Green Hills, Tennessee

Hello everybody!

You will never guess what happened. This week I met my second person who I know from home. Well, almost know. Believe it or not it is the second person from snowflake. Sister Hammond went on exchanges with the Spanish sisters this week so I got to meet new people at our Book of Mormon class. Hermana Uchytil is actually one of my cousin Paige's best friends. So just like Elder Nez, I have seen her before in snowflake. In fact, we were at the same stake youth dance together with Elder Nez.  I am at least 51.29% sure that I actually danced with her.... How weird. Who would have thought that you could go to a youth activity in your cousins' stake and meet all the people who will be on a mission with you four years later. It truly is a small world after all.

On a side note: if you want to take a jumping photo, you should do it outside. The first and most obvious reason for this has to do with the way cameras work. There is a setting known as the shutter speed. This simply measures how long the lens is open and collecting light. If there is a lot of light - outside in the noon day sun for instance - the camera can collect enough light really quickly. This means it will only be exposed to a fraction of a second of time, allowing you to take clear and non blurry pictures of fast moving objects (such as a jumping person). If it is not as bright, the photo will either end up very dark, or it will be exposed for a longer period of time and the moving object will be very blurry.

It will look like this for example. The other reason you should take jumping photos outside is that ceilings are not very high and I am pretty decently tall. Hard objects hurt when you jump into them.

The other funny part of our Book of Mormon class happened afterwards. Melanie went around like always and introduced herself to everyone. She went up to one of the investigators from the Bellevue ward and asked him when he would be getting baptized. He informed her he wasn't going to. She told him that he just didn't know yet. She highly recommended it to him and told him all the great things she loves about the Holy Ghost. Melanie is a better missionary than any of us. She remembers so clearly not having the gospel and truly loves the change it has made. I hope she never comes to forget that.

Anyway here is a thought for you. An egg simply cannot remain an egg. It must either hatch or eventually rot. Never become complacent with where you are.

Have a great week
Elder Basham

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