Monday, May 30, 2016

Star Wars - Clarksville, Tennessee

Hello everyone!

So my first week in Clarksville has been pretty fun. It is so different from Nashville. I cannot tell if it is a small town or a city. It is kind of both at the same time. The people here are great and the members are awesome. We actually got fed dinner more than once last week! (Seven days to be precise). Also we now have a two story house, though it is still much cheaper than Nashville. I must admit I'm not actually a fan of large houses. I lose elder McKown all the time. There are so many places to go you can almost never see each other all morning. Also, there is so much more to try and keep clean with all the extra closets and drawers to throw stuff. Believe it or not, I actually really like small houses a lot more. They are cleaner and friendlier. I'll just add that information to my future ideas folder. Right next to the 100,000 reasons to never ever, not at all, without exception, no excuses, no not ever own a dog file. 

Speaking of animals, I met some people who rescue bunnies. They have an entire yard full of bunnies taken from abusive homes. There were so many! Probably the cutest thing ever. On top of that they had about thirty bunny statues on their front path and bunny paintings in their home. That can go in the future ideas file too. 

So one of the cool parts about being a zone leader is that we have a full time car (for exchanges and occasional rescuing, chastising, and/or babysitting the other elders). However, it is not your normal 4 door missionary sedan. Neither is it the epic 12 foot truck the assistants to the president drive. Better than all these, we have the one and only mom van. That is right. Your amazingly useful 7 passenger dodge minivan with automatic doors. Have you ever seen anything as cool as two 19 year olds pulling up to church on Sunday looking sharper than the b scale in a minivan? Then we grab our bags from the back and walk away as the automatic sliding doors slowly close themselves. All of the moms in the ward are jealous. 

On a side note, here is elder McKown (Mic-Cow-en).

Elder Basham and Elder McKown

He is going home next transfer. This is the second time I get to kill a missionary off. However, this companion is still working hard and enjoying his mission. I am very glad to be learning from him. 

Last thing, we found the two coolest lightsabers I have ever seen in the apartment closet. I don't know where you buy these things or how much they cost, but I need them. I am buying two for Nick and I and we will kill each other next November. It will be awesome. Anyway here take a look. Unfortunately I did not get anyone to duel with me so you don't get to see the red one or hear the fantastic collision noises. However, just know that these are the coolest things ever. 

I hope you all have an amazing week! I love you guys :)

Elder Basham

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