Monday, June 27, 2016

Kaboom! - Clarksville, Tennessee

Omigoniss!!!! I just saw lightening. Not just going through the sky and whatnot. It was right there. Less than 100 yards from me! The lightening came down and smote the earth in front of me. When it hit the ground it turned red and there was a loud pop. Afterwards the pavement was so hot that the rain kept evaporating and steaming off for a few seconds. That was really cool.

Anyway, how are you all doing this week?

This week has been pretty great. It went by so fast I am not even sure what happened. I literally cannot remember one thing to write about. Sorry about that. We spent most of our morning cleaning the apartment today and preparing for inspections tomorrow and we have a dinner at five tonight. It is going to be a very short P-day.

So I have been keeping a journal for the past year or so and it is really cool. I love recording all the great things God is doing for me and the things I am learning. I think about what it will be like one day to share all of these memories with my family and my children. I really hope it helps someone I love later on when they get a chance to read from it. However, there is another effect I hadn't anticipated as much. The journal actually really helped me a lot.

I was studying and trying to find an answer of what I could do to better show Christ's love to others. As I was looking where to turn, I felt prompted to go get my journal and read about my time in the Missionary Training Center last October. As I read, I found the answer I was looking for and the guidance I needed. I had learned the very thing I needed nine months ago and recorded it in there. On top of being able to remember and relearn the thing I needed, I also was blessed with another realization. I came to know that God really is helping me and inspiring me to write those things which will be of worth. The book will truly be a blessing to me and my family. It is one of many fulfillments of the promise in D&C 68:1-5. I am very grateful to see God's hand in my life in yet another amazing way.

Anyway I really love you all and hope you have a great week. I am sorry for the short email.
Elder Basham

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