Monday, June 6, 2016

Temples and Pictures - Clarksville, Tennessee

 Hello everyone!

Do you know what is really exciting? Just in May a new stake was formed. That means our mission went from 7 to 8 stakes. A mission needs at least 6 stakes to qualify for a temple to be built. We already have a great temple here down in Nashville. However, the Knoxville mission only has 5 stakes. So we will be giving them our new stake. That way they will have six. Next week all of the Cookville missionaries will belong to the Knoxville mission. So maybe there will be a new Knoxville temple coming soon. It is really cool to see how the Lords kingdom is growing so fast. Just a few decades ago there was not a single ward or even a building in Tennessee. Now we have three missions and maybe a second temple. Truly this is an amazing time to live in.

Here is our zone.

This is MLC (Mission Leadership Council).
These are all the other zone leaders and sister training leaders.

Anyway hope you all have a great week. 

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