Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Elephant Ears - Clarksville, Tenneseee

Conquering the Jungles of Tennessee...

Random thing you should all probably know: for some reason there are many emails which I have sent which appear in my "sent" folder and supposedly reached their destination. However it turns out they actually never did send and nobody received them. This is really unfortunate because I spend a lot of time writing those emails to my friends and those I care about, yet they never get anything. But there is literally no way for me to tell when/if it happened. It is totally random which ones make it through and which ones float about the server till the end of time. There are a few I have tried resending multiple times to no avail. So I really hope you guys all get to hear from me and I get to hear back from you. If that doesn't happen, I am sorry and wish I knew how to fix it. 

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