Monday, August 8, 2016

Salad - Clarksville, Tennessee

Hello all of you

I hope you have had a fantastic week. Do you know what is delicious? If you guessed salad, you are probably very observant and also correct. We got a giant box of farm fresh tomatoes and cucumbers. They are so good they are worth eating just plain. Even better though is when you cut them up and put them on a plate of lettuce and cover the whole thing with cucumber dressing. Sometimes I get so caught up in making fancy hot meals that I forget how awesome a regular salad it. Also, it is freaking hot outside so I do not need a hot meal at all.

Now that I am finished with my lunch, I am not entirely sure what to talk about. This has been a very interesting p-day. There was not really anywhere to go or much to do. We cleaned the entire house to near perfection. We have inspections tomorrow and the inspector was in the military for over 40 years and is a retired Sargent major. He gives the craziest inspections ever so we spent a lot of time on that. Afterwards, we have just sat around emailing all day. It is really nice though. There are a lot of people I have wanted to talk to for a while but haven't had time so I have been happy to talk with so many friends. Also, we found out our dishwasher is broken.

The last four weeks we have played Settlers of Catan. I love that game a lot and we have the cities and knights expansion. That is such a cool board game and it puts everything else to shame except maybe the farming game and monopoly. Although after playing three-four hours every Monday for four weeks is just too much. I am done with it and there goes the last fun thing in the house, except of course lightsabers.

I hope you all have an awesome week and know that I love you all!

Elder Basham

I totally lied. We did not use up all of the fun things to do. There is always something awesome to do if you use your brain.

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