Monday, August 15, 2016

The Three Amigos - Clarksville, Tennessee


Guess what is happening tomorrow! If you guessed transfers then you are paying way more attention to the weeks than anyone. But yes transfers are tomorrow. Elder weight and I will be training a new missionary together. Zone leaders trio training. This is pretty weird but it will be awesome! There will be two trios in our district so there will be 14 missionaries. This will be the biggest district I have seen. Here is a picture of our old one.

Our old zone
Also, here is a picture of our bishop. He is "a very athletic black gentleman" and he smiles kind of like this:

Our Bishop

I was laughing so hard trying to make that face. He is actually one of the most hilarious people I have ever met. His family is so funny that I was crying with laughter. He is probably the best bishop I have met on my mission. For some reason though, he won't smile.

This p-day is very different from last week. Instead of sitting around all day writing emails and playing with Legos, we have most of the zone together and we are playing basketball and dodgeball. It is quite fun but I am exhausted. Hopefully I will have time to write more later. Have a great week!

Elder Basham

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